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The kiln in the barn in 2016, before the renovation

Blue barn pottery studio began with an old cattle barn (painted blue some time in its 100+ year history), a potter intent on making pots, and a handy husband determined to support his wife. The barn was purchased by Brad and Alia Levi in 2014, and soon became the home and firing place of Alia's kilns. At the time the barn had not been utilized in decades, and was merely a run in shelter and feeding place for cows nearly a century ago. It had a dirt floor, cattle troughing, and no exterior wall. There was no drywall, no installation, no electricity, no water. For years, Alia made pottery on the second floor of her home and made a long and stressful walk down a steep mountain hill with boards full of unfired pots to fire them in the barn.


In 2017, after years of planning, construction began on the barn transforming it in about 6 months time into a fully working studio. Most of the renovation was done soley by Alia's husband, Brad, who worked around the clock to make it happen. It is with great pride and gratitude that she calls this amazing place her studio today.

The studio is open by appointment and is always stocked with a variety of handmade mugs, plates, bowls and other wares.


Construction complete, 2018


Alia Levi has been making pots since 2010 after discovering a love for working with clay while studying fine art in college. She established her home studio in Hendersonville, NC in 2014 on the small farm where she lives with her husband and animals.

In her free time she loves being outside and spending time with her motley crew of critters.